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City 5042
Amiri Diwan, Spiral Mosque, Souq Waqif, Doha Corniche, Old Marketplace, Qatar
Doha - Qatar
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HD, 2K, 4K, 8K, timelapse, time lapse, stock footage, Doha, Qatar, Spiral Mosque, Souq Waqif, Old Marketplace, Doha Corniche, Amiri Diwan, Qatar Islamic Culture Center, FANAR, Qatar Central Bank, Persian Gulf, Western Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, Aerial View, night, light, desert storm, dust, dusty, air pollution, traffic, busy, people, car, muslim, commerce, commercial, flourishing, prosperous, bustling, office, modernized, pedestrian, crowd, crowds, crossing, junction, road, street, urbanscape, qatarese, cityscape, city, building, attraction, district, economic power, economy, export, import, modern, skyscraper, skyscrapers, towers, skyline, construction, tourists, landmark, travel, tourism, colorful, famous, beautiful, amazing, destination, sightseeing, visit, honeymoon, happy, valentines, leisure, pleasure, center, vacation, holiday, asian, exterior
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