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Vertical HD Timelapse for for Vertical Display (Digital Signage, Digital Out Of Home, DOOH).

Each timelapse video clip in Library has a downloadable Vertical HD Crop (1080x1920) which matches the coresponding Vertical HD timelapse and can be used for Vertical Display (Digital Signage, Digital Out Of Home, DOOH).

We can also offer vertical timelapse stock footage at 768x1366 (1366x768) resolution on request.

The vertical aspect has been cropped from the original still images (4288x2848).

Upon request, this Vertical HD Crop can be modified according to the client's wishes in order to meet artistic and/or technical requirements.

We released new formats for Digital Signage Panoramic super-wide LCD Panels (4:1 aspect ratio).

The timelapse clips available in 4:1 format are:

HD Panoramic Landscape Clip (1920x480)

2K Panoramic Landscape Clip (2048x512)

4K Panoramic Landscape Clip (4096x1024)

HD Panoramic Portrait Clip (480x1920)

Every clip page includes a downloadable Panoramic Landscape and/or a Panoramic Portrait hirez picture.

This is an HD Panoramic Landscape (Super-Wide) Showreel

For any questions please Contact us.