Royalty Free License

Please read this agreement carefully before purchasing our time lapse videos.

The following Royalty Free License constitutes an agreement between you as Licensee and SevArt Video SRL, owner of "".

Single User License

By this Agreement, SevArt Video SRL grants to the Licensee a personal, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to use, modify and reproduce our time lapse footage and photos by incorporating it into a derivative work such as a documentary, multimedia presentation, advertisement, feature film, live performance and/or internet website and displaying and/or distributing that derivative work to the public by any means now known or hereafter developed.

WE provide NO property or model release for our time lapse video clips.

For many of our time lapse clips, property or model releases are NOT necessary.

Where a model or property release is necessary we mentioned "Editorial Use Only / The use of this clip may require additional rights" in license section on every clip details page. The footage can be used as EDITORIAL USE ONLY (news, documentary). Use of EDITORIAL FOOTAGE in advertising or for promotional purposes is prohibited.

DO NOT USE our time lapse clips in STOP MOTION or use PICTURES instead VIDEO especially for clips with people faces (people have a right to their own person and privacy, and you can not freely use footage of them without their consent and agreement). You'll loose the commercial license because of NO MODEL RELEASE AGREEMENT. The footage can be used as EDITORIAL USE ONLY (news, documentary). Use of EDITORIAL FOOTAGE in advertising or for promotional purposes is prohibited.

Licensee assumes full responsibility for the use of the content and determining if need one or more clearances or releases in connection with the use of our time lapse videos in any context.


Licensee shall NOT sublicense, sell, lease, lend, rent, assign, convey to another person, company or other entity except as part of a Work for Distribution.

Licensee may not use our time lapse clips as a logo or trademark.

The timelapse videos may not under any circumstances be used in a way that would defame, malign, slander, asperse, libel, or vilify the persons, property, countries, races, customs, cultures, religions, governments, military or as part of pornographic, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, infringing or illegal material.

No Refunds

All Content sales are final and CANNOT be returned. SevArt Video SRL have NO obligation to refund any fees paid by the Licensee for Content licensed.

Before you buy our time lapse clips be sure you get all the necessary information to evaluate our time lapse footage (Video Preview, Hires Picture (1920x1080), Vertical HD Crop (1080x1920 - to evaluate 4K footage where 1920 is close to 2304 of a 4K clip (4096x2304)).

If you need more information (snapshot pictures, watermarked demos) please ask for before you buy our time lapse footage.


When incorporating our timelapse videos in Film features, TV productions, or Video products, you agree to provide a credit line "Footage provided by".